The Light of Day


From the moment I wrote my first song, I knew where I was headed—I just didn’t know how or when I would get there. With The Light of Day, I feel I’ve reached that destination, but intend this album to be just the beginning.

Some of these songs have been living inside of me for years, having been written and then stored away. When I started this project, I began by writing down a list of the songs I wanted to include, and when I looked at the final line up, I thought to myself, “These songs are finally going to see the light of day.”

Each song has a special significance for me, but the opening track, “Dream,” was especially gratifying to record. I wrote it when my band Dancer broke up. It’s a promise to myself that, no matter what, I would never give up on my music.

And so, with the help of some good friends and fine musicians, I was able to make this record. Jeff Dellisanti and Jeff Bandy from the Dancer days helped out, and Briana Bandy, Jeff’s wife, ended up playing on eight of the twelve songs. Like many independent artists, I recorded this album at home, and I’m grateful that I live in a time where this is possible.

Through our mutual friend, Jon Connolly, I was introduced to Val Garay (Grammy Award winning producer / engineer), and was honored that he agreed to put the finishing touches on these recordings by mixing them for me. I’m still pinching myself to believe that the same person who worked with some of my heroes (James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, among many) mixed this album.

By the way, the beautiful rose on the cover is courtesy of my garden. I had spotted it one day and, upon closer examination, realized I was looking at a little cup of perfection. So I ran back in the house and returned with my camera, shooting it multiple times to make sure I got just the right shot. While designing the cover for The Light of Day, I decided to use a subtle font so the text would blend in with the leaves and not distract from the beauty of my translucent flower.

And with that, this project was complete. Now I’m excited to think about future possibilities.

We’ll see where things go from here…