Growing up, one of my favorite things to do, when I’d buy a new record, was to open it up and look for information inside. If I enjoyed an artist’s music, I’d want to see photos, read liner notes, and most importantly, read the lyrics.

These days, most artists still provide those things when you buy their CDs. If you decide to buy one of mine, you’ll get the nice booklet that comes with it.

But in the digital world of downloads and streaming, the consumer isn’t guaranteed these things—you’ll get just the audio and, hopefully, the cover art.

So I wanted to offer a place for people who are interested in or just curious about my music—a place that will provide the same things that I look for when I like a certain album.

In addition to In Common and The Light of Day, I’ve also included Not Afraid, the album I made with Dancer. Once you enter any tab from the menu bar, you’ll see all three album covers (as pictured above, though these are just for illustration). From there, just click on any cover and you’ll be able to access the information inside for that particular album.

A lot of love and care went into the construction of this site. I want to thank John Webber at WebberSites for the respect and patience he showed me and my desire to make everything just right.

And thanks to you for stopping by. I hope you’ll have a look around.