The first album I produced, Not Afraid, was recorded with the band, Dancer. Though I enjoyed the experience of playing in a rock group, my true musical love has always been the intimacy and personal expression of the singer-songwriter.

I grew up loving the Beatles, but my main inspiration for writing songs was the work of solo artists like Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and Jackson Browne. The honesty of their lyrics moved me as much as the beauty of their melodies.

I’ve never felt compelled to write a song for any reason other than there was something inside of me that had to come out. Goal number one has always been to express myself in a way that would capture the truth about what I was thinking or feeling. If I’m successful in doing that first, then I believe others will have a decent chance of relating to it. Joni Mitchell once said you have to “write in blood.” For some reason, that comes natural to me.

I wrote my first songs in high school and performed them at our school’s talent shows. After graduation, I started to play restaurants and small clubs around Los Angeles, and soon I was playing on the campuses of California colleges and universities. I was happy doing what I thought musicians were supposed to do, but I was never completely comfortable in the role of performer. As the front man for Dancer, I enjoyed all of our shows, but I can’t say I ever loved it. It wasn’t until I really delved into the art of recording that I found my true musical home.

With the advent of digital audio workstations for home recording, it became possible for me to finally make music exactly the way I wanted it made. I dedicated myself to learning how to record myself—reading books, watching YouTube, and hiring instructors to come teach me what I needed to know.

In time, I produced two labors of love—The Light of Day (2015) and In Common (2020). And though I’m proud of them and glad they contain my versions of my songs, my ultimate desire is that my albums serve as showcases for other artists to cover my songs. I have no desire to rehearse a band or go on tour. I’m very comfortable and happy to be what I am—a recording songwriter.

In addition to writing and recording songs, I’ve also written a book—The Wave Becomes The Ocean. It’s a simple book about the basic principles that have brought a little more peace and joy to my life. You can get a free peek at it through the “Look Inside” feature at

The need to create, in one form or another, has always been a driving force in my life. Though it can be a lonely process, my first thought when I finish something is to share it. I feel fortunate and blessed that I have the opportunity to share my work with you. I hope you enjoy it.