Dancer – Not Afraid


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I have heard talk of a journey
And I think I understand
Ships that sail on the ocean
Wagons across the land
If it’s true you can find me
On the water and on the sand
‘Cause I’ve waited and I’m ready
For where I’m going

And the prayer of this traveler
Against the demons of dark and fear
“Let the rain wash this open face
Let the thunder ring in my ear
Let the sun turn my skin brown
Let the wind blow that horizon clear
That I may see
Where I’m going”

I may tire on my journey
But I hope I always try
If I see you or if you see me
Let’s not just pass each other by
I’m on my way but I don’t know
Where or even why
But I know one thing for sure
I’m going



Well there I was
Selling other people’s songs
Just waiting for
Something to come along
Ooh oh ooh oh
Ooh oh ooh oh
Sha la la

I still remember
When she first came around
I swear she set that
Whole place upside down
Ooh oh ooh oh
Ooh oh ooh oh
Sha la la

Wants that little girl you see
But I don’t mind
‘Cause she said she wants only me
Sha la la
Ooh oh ooh oh
My my my

Now all my friends say
Something must be wrong
If such a young thing
And you can get along
Ooh oh ooh oh
Ooh oh ooh oh
Sha la la

Call it passing
Or infatuation
I call it
My special situation
Sha la la
Ooh oh ooh oh
My my my

I’ve never done
Anything like this before
Yes I know
There’s a lot of things at stake
Not the least of
Which is my heart
But if that’s the chance
That’s the chance that I’ll take

Now little girl lives
Up on the second floor
Just down the street from
That Tower Records store
Ooh oh ooh oh
Ooh oh ooh oh
Sha la la

She wants to know
Can she see me every day
I get off work
And I run all the way

Sha la la
Ooh oh ooh oh
My my my



A sunny day
Funny ways and laughter
Singing songs
That linger on long after
The day is done
Love’s begun
You’ve come to me

Jackie boy
Take your time down slowly
Don’t be quick
Love can be a fickle story
Forget the scars
My lucky stars
You’ve come to me






You’ve got a song to sing
And that means more to you than anything
I know ‘cause I know you very well
So no talk of giving up
You’ll know when you’ve had enough
Don’t underestimate yourself

I believe in you
Here’s to you from me
The one who’s really seen what you can do
I believe in you
Take a little time
And remind yourself that I’m gonna see you through
I believe in you

And when they all say you’re wrong
It could be that you don’t belong
Following the way that the others go
And if they still refuse to see
Then you come have a talk with me
And I’ll tell you again what you need to know


I believe in you…



Sometimes I’m not sure
If what I say is all sincere
Or if I’m simply stating
What I know you’d like to hear
I’d better check the airwaves
So I can tell the two apart
I think I’d better listen
To the song of my heart

I’ve got someone who loves me
Still my hands are tied
You see it’s that old expression
About the grass on the other side
Will we stay together
Or will we grow apart
I think I’ll find the answer
In the song of my heart



Thinking all of it over now
That we’re history
And time has set a distance
Between us and me
Oh baby
I hope you don’t mind
But there’s a few things that I’ve noticed
That I may have missed so near
But what the distance has provided
Is very clear

As tenderness is fading
The hard facts sink in
I see I never was really sure of what
You were thinking
Oh baby
I can’t read your mind
But still you expected me to know
When there was something wrong
I can’t believe I took the torture
For so long

First you wanted this
And then you needed that
And then you needed some time alone
To see where you were at
Oh baby
Make up your mind
You know for one who gave a little
You sure needed a lot
Well I hope you’re happy with what you
Finally got



I look around
Forgetting what I have
Already found
Why must it be
That I’m untrue to you
In being true to me

All I really want to do
Is stay with you
All I really want to be
Is you and me

When I make love to you
I’m feeling like
Only true lovers do
So why
Why do I take the chance
To try another step
And maybe spoil the dance


But sometimes
Just sometimes






Dancers are dancing
They’re taking their turns
Drowning in dizzy delight
Eyes that are reaching
They’re chancing the chase
Hopes that will die in the night

Where are the people
The ones that were real
Hiding their sorrow and pain
Where are the humans
The ones that could feel
Either they’re dead or insane

Run from the devil
We all have been told
He’s waiting right outside your door
Hiding in best-selling paperback thought
Don’t know what you’re headed for


Tires are fires for burning the land
Trapping the earth in their tread
Pictures are hanging on museum walls
Making me feel like I’m dead